Wendy Barrie

Wendy Barrie

About Wendy Barrie

Wendy Barrie, the good food link in the good food chain.

As a job description ‘Foodie’ is a very little word for what I have been doing for a living for 25 years but as the dictionary definition is ‘one having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food’ it does convey the spirit, if not the range, of what I am about. Perhaps adding a little seasoning like very hard working foodie would make all the difference!

As a well-known campaigner for finest local produce, where to find it and what to do with it, Wendy provides independent food related expertise including food tourism, taste education and healthy eating. She is also a popular presenter of cookery shows and is Director of award-winning www.scottishfoodguide.com.

With considerable experience in food education across the board, Wendy networks with chefs across UK and beyond. Nordic activities include Scottish Food presentations, educational visits, food learning journeys, student chef intern placements and most recently the launch of www.skanskfoodguide.com

Wendy is a Member of the Food and Drink Committee for the Royal Highland Show; the Cross Party Parliamentary Food Group; the Appeals Board for the “Healthyliving Award” and Member of Council for The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland.

She is a regular contributor on food matters on Radio Scotland and has just published her second cookbook, ‘Food Miles From Home’ available via this website, cookery shows and selected farm shops.